Craig Ferguson’s Final ‘Late Late Show’ Was — Yeah, a Little Subdued [VIDEO]

Craig Ferguson Final Show

So it was the final episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night, and it was okay. Not really a big spectacle on the level of The Colbert Report wrapping up–although Ferguson wisely had his all-star romp (with different celebs rocking out to Dead Man Fall’s “Bang Your Drum”) at the start of the show. It was always kind of a tradition for Ferguson to wrap up the Late Late Show on a subdued note.

Actually, the entire episode was pretty subdued. Final guest Jay Leno was fun, and those two really do have a nice rapport. Jay and Craig should have their own show together. You can watch the whole thing below–but get a little baffled at the big finish that seems exceptionally lazy. People have been goofing on how different shows should end their final episodes with parodies of the classic Newhart finale for decades now. Craig Ferguson went ahead and did it, and that wrapped things up on a tired note. Not that Craig cares. His work is done…

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