State Of Lakers Team Apparent In This Awful Plane Party For Kobe Bryant

kobe plane celebration

You’ve probably heard by now that Kobe Bryant has officially scored more points than Michael Jordan–even though Jordan did it in less time and without nearly as many three-pointers made. Whatever, that’s a big deal for the Los Angeles Lakers, who would literally love you to do anything other than acknowledge how miserable their team is right now.

Just look at this sad state of affairs. This is the plane that Kobe Bryant walked onto after achieving that milestone.

This is the kind of celebration a five-year-old son of a billionaire would get. Totally half-assed. No cigars, no strippers. Just some ribbon hanging and a “Congratulations, Kobe” song from the captain.

I’ve never met Kobe Bryant, but the look on his face in the video above¬†screams “kill me.”

H/T Deadspin

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