Sidney Crosby Latest To Get Mumps During NHL Outbreak

This 2014-15 NHL season has seen many interesting storylines. However, the biggest one of them all must be the mumps outbreak that has swept the league. It’s become an official crisis now that the sport’s biggest attraction has joined the fun. Sidney Crosby will miss the Pittsburgh Penguins’ game on Monday–after already missing the two previous games for “precautionary reasons.” [photo: Jamie Sabau/Getty]

There have been 11 other players besides Crosby that has gotten the mumps this season and it appears that there is no end in sight to players getting it. There will be more players probably in the coming weeks that end up getting the mumps as well even though most people receive a shot to avoid the disease when there are small children.

The team says that Crosby “will be monitored daily and should be out of the infectious period by Monday.” This has to have many NHL teams wondering what to do about it and there probably isn’t anything that can be done. There are surely going to be more of the sport’s biggest stars who get the mumps at one point or another sooner than later. It has reached a new level of awareness now that Crosby has it though.

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