One-Legged Brooklyn Nets Fan Dead After Jumping Out Of Window

Jeffrey Vanchiro, The one-legged Brooklyn Nets fan who was forcibly ejected from the Nets Knicks game a few weeks ago (video below) is now dead after he allegedly jumped out of a second-floor window in an attempt to kill himself.

[protected-iframe id=”5cc1647bdcefa33f3542f227532ef321-3508545-22621496″ info=”//” with=”600″ height=”740″ ]

Admittedly, we couldn’t help ourselves from laughing when we first saw the video. But apparently the episode left some lasting impressions on Jeffrey and he started to lose his grip on reality.

“He was frightened. He was horrified. He was a bit delusional. He was having a lot of trouble sleeping. He couldn’t sleep at all. When he would sleep, or try to sleep, it would only take about 10 or 15 minutes before he would jump up screaming covered in sweat.” [source]

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