Watch the US Navy Blow Stuff Up Real Good With Their New Laser Cannon [VIDEO]

We’re proud to be Americans here at COED–and especially after checking out the US Navy blowing up stuff with their brand new Laser Weapon System. It’s called LaWS for short, as in “LaWS almighty, this thing is straight out of a James Bond movie!” Even better, this laser cannon makes it cheap to destroy all kinds of things. It only costs 59¢ a laser blast. That means you can blow up a boat of 100 terrorist for a mere $59.00.
Well, we think that figure is correct. Math is hard–but blowing up bad guys is easy with the fun Laser Weapon System. Watch this thing in action and consult your lawyer to see if there’s any reason we can’t all have one in our own back yards….

Sex Offender Timothy Poole Wins $3 Million Lottery
Sex Offender Timothy Poole Wins $3 Million Lottery
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