Sex Offender Timothy Poole Wins $3 Million Lottery

In today’s “Why God? Why?” news, we’ve learned that convicted 43-year old sex offender Timothy Dale Poole has won $3 million dollars playing the lottery. And of course this happened in Florida.

Timothy played a $20 scratch off game

While some of you lottery players might be thinking to yourself “$3 million” is a lot of money for scratch-off winnings, the fact of the matter is that he ponied up $20 for a scratch-off ticket. Call me crazy, but that’s an expensive lottery ticket.

Timothy was recognized when he picked up his oversize check

It was only once an image of Timothy holding the check started spreading around the internet, did people actually realize who he was–a 450-pound convicted sex offender.

Crime History

Timothy Poole has been arrested a 12 times in his life. His first crime was back in 1991 when he stole almost $20K in food stamps. Then in 2001, he was picked up on charges for sexual battery on a victim under 12. He pleaded guilty to sexual battery of two boys. Other charges include check forgery and grand theft.
Are you starting to wonder where he got that $20 for a lottery ticket?

He’s limited as to what he can buy with the money

While Timothy opted for the lump sum of $2,219,807.90 (a lot of cash), he’s somewhat limited as to the types of property he can buy. Remember, he’s legally obligated to stay away playgrounds and schools.

Friends of Poole’s have theorized that he’ll use his new winnings to help expand his mother’s taxi company, where he currently works.

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