IKEA Creates Movie Theater Full of Beds for Ultimate Viewing Experience [VIDEO]

We’re pretty sure that this is an IKEA ad from Russia, and we’re really sure that we like the idea of seeing a big-screen production from the comfort of a nice bed. We’re even willing to assume that IKEA has nice beds. That seems to be the big idea behind this commercial where IKEA takes over a movie theater (or opens their own theater) and invites people to get all comfy while watching some kind of big-screen entertainment. Check it out and see why anyone would invest in an IKEA movie theater chain.
Well, maybe we’re getting carried away. The COED offices are right by Times Square, and we had this really disgusting homeless guy sit right next to us at a movie recently–and that was a media screening. There’s no way to keep those guys from wandering into regular screenings, right? We really can’t think of any place in the world where other people wouldn’t make this idea really disgusting. Yeah. It’s a nice dream, IKEA, but we’d rather just bring back the drive-in movie theater…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX2mpTMGjdY]

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