‘Tis The Season For Creepy Mall Santas [PHOTOS]

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Christmas means toys and fun and childhood trauma–and that last one is courtesy of creepy Santa Clauses from over the years. There’s all kinds of stories to be told about different scary Santas. After all, kids believe that Santa Claus is real. They don’t believe that their parents would willingly put them into the laps of guys who probably just got out on parole, or are playing Santa in order to finance their upcoming week-long alcoholic stupor.

Then we grow up and look at old pics. Suddenly, we believe in Creepy Santa. Not that we’re saying that any of the Santas here are necessarily parolees or drunkards. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a raggedy-ass Santa suit that makes a beloved holiday icon suddenly look like a pervert.

Other times, Santa sure isn’t helping. Take a look at this gruesome holiday gallery and fear for the children–and your own inner childhood might take a beating, too. That’s all part of Christmas, too…

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