Jameis Winson Snapchatted A Photo Asking To "Show Ne Da Boobies"

TotalFratMove is reporting that a reader sent them this snapchat of Jameis Winston asking a woman to “show ne da boobies.” No, it’s not lost on us that his FSU code of conduct hearing is today.
The full photo is at the bottom for you, but if you’re interested in the “story” that’s here for you too. From TFM:

“A University of Florida student sent us the below screenshot of a Jameis Winston snap–it’s actually a picture of a screenshot on someone’s phone (snap inception?)–that clearly shows FSU’s Heisman winning quarterback, mouth agape, tongue out, groping his chest and asking for boobies. Whose boobies does he want to see? The boobies of “a Tally sloot,” according to our source. “Tally sloot” loosely translates to a promiscuous FSU student, for the layperson.”


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