Princeton’s Tiger Inn Spray Painted With “Rape Haven” Graffitti

tiger inn princeton rape haven

Princeton’s Tiger Inn (or TI as it’s sometimes shortened to) is probably the most famous Eating Club within the school. It was even mentioned on our Ranking of the Ivy League Party Schools. So the fact that their two top officers have been fired and that their wall is now spray painted with the words “Rape Haven” should get your eyebrows to raise just a little bit.

We first learned about this story from Planet Princeton in early October when a freshman female student was photographed giving a blowjob to a Tiger Inn member on the dance floor. That photo was then distributed later in the evening to an email chain.

Let’s take a step back and make one thing clear. That is not a good decision. Do not ever do that. Not only are you potentially ruining someone’s life, there’s a good chance someone can/will bring a lawsuit against you. Moving on.

Andrew Hoffenberg, the Treasurer of the Tiger Inn, then responded to that email with another poorly thought out email of his own.

“Ever wonder who we have to thank (blame) for gender equality? Looking for someone to blame for the influx of girls? Come tomorrow and help boo Sally Frank.” FYI, Sally Frank is the woman who successfully sued the Tiger Inn to admit female members.”

We’re not sure what spurred that particular rant because no fraternity house (or eating club) would be very much fun without an “influx of girls.”

Unsurprisingly, both of these emails leaked–causing both Andrew Hoffenberg and the person who emailed out the BJ photo to step down from their positions. It was at that point that someone spray painted the “Rape Haven” graffiti you see above.

Hap Cooper, 1982 graduate and president of the club’s graduate membership, then sent out a new email to members of the Tiger Inn, “There is a culture re-emerging at TI that makes some of our members feel unsafe. We went down this road a decade ago…and it didn’t end well. We WILL NOT [sic] go down this road again. All behavior or communication that makes other members feel disrespected, uncomfortable or unsafe must stop now. Future violations will be grounds for termination.” [source]

FYI, we’ve seen a censored version of photo–and while it’s certainly lewd and cause for embarrassment, there’s not much to write home about.

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