Tennessee Students Tried To Steal Home Plate At Vanderbilt

Hawkins Field

There are always odd things that people try to steal. For two University of Tennessee students, it was trying to steal home plate at Vanderbilt’s Hawkins Field. The two students were caught on camera breaking into the field and “tampering with something,” according to court documents and The Tennessean. Police said that there was more than $10,000 in damage done with turf being cut up along with the issues around home plate. [photo via…]

It is well-known that Tennessee and Vanderbilt don’t get along real well. Maybe these two students were trying to play some sort of odd prank around the holidays looking to get under the skin of the Volunteers. Obviously, that didn’t work as they were caught shortly after they made their effort to steal home plate.

It would be safe to assume that those two will never be allowed on Vanderbilt’s campus ever again and the folks at Tennessee will have something to say as well. The next time students want to get back at their rival, maybe they won’t decide to break into a baseball stadium at 2:30 in the morning looking to steal home plate ever again.

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