Cyber Monday: Honda Wins The Day With Skeletor Twitter Takeover [VIDEO]

cyber-monday-honda skeletor-twitter-takeover

Cyber Monday is full of desperate marketing, but we’re not kidding when we congratulate the marketing geniuses at Honda for bringing some fun to the big day. The company’s Twitter feed is hosting the #Skeletakeover, with notorious Masters of the Universe villain Skeletor seizing control of the Honda account.

We’ve pulled our favorite moments so far, but the very best part is the number of people who thought Honda had actually been hacked. They must have missed out on the recent Honda holiday campaign built around animated action figures from our childhood. The one with G.I. Joe didn’t thrill us too much, but we didn’t know that Skeletor was waiting in the wings.

So enjoy some fine Twittering below, and scroll on down to a really great Honda commercial. It’s all in that Cyber Monday spirit of commercialization. The real-life Skeletor would approve…

Honda Skeletor Skeletakeover 1

Honda Skeletor Skeletakeover 2

Honda Skeletor Skeletakeover 3

Honda Skeletor Skeletakeover 4

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