Dr. Geek, RIP: Greatest Rapper in the History of Infomercials [VIDEO]


Dr. Geek RIP Blu Blockers rapper

It’s a sad day in hip-hop as the rap world mourns the death of Dr. Geek–who never had a chart hit, but who ruled the late-night airwaves of the early ’90s as an impromptu spokesman for Blu Blockers sunglasses. At the time, Dr. Geek was just one of the colorful eccentrics of Venice Beach out near Los Angeles. Then the camera crew for Blu Blockers went out to shoot some real-person testimonials for an infomercial, and got lucky when Dr. Geek stepped up with a commercial endorsement.

You’re not a ’90s kid if you don’t remember Dr. Geek rocking the mic with some freestylin’ genius–but here’s the rap that got plenty of stoners sitting through an infomercial while waiting for a burst of errant genius…

Sadly, the voice of Dr. Geek has been silenced. You can learn more at the Dr. Geek Facebook page, but the real tribute is in all of the different videos that have been shot of Dr. Geek keeping it real over the years. Here’s a sample of Dr. Geek earning his keep with some more genius, but keep seeking out more. This is the saddest news that West Coast rap has heard in a while…

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