Harpoon Brewery’s Winter Warmer Is What’s on Tap

Harppon Brewry Winter Warmer

Regardless where you are spending Thanksgiving I am guessing you are going to need some booze to help you get through this upcoming difficult time. Well if you’re looking for suggestions and beer reviews you’re in the right place! This week we’re featuring one of my favorite craft beers and seasonal brews I plan on drinking throughout the holiday season! This weekend, Harpoon Brewery’s Winter Warmer is What’s on Tap!

Since its founding in 1986, Harpoon Brewery is known for producing fantastic seasonal beers. Their Winter Warmer is a classic go-to and highly drinkable beer for the holiday season. With an aroma that is full of traditional winter warmer spices, nutmeg and cinnamon which combines nicely with the bready malt notes. Each sip of Harpoon’s Winter Warmer is full of malt; which is consistent throughout. After the malt flavors there is a combination of cinnamon and nutmeg spiciness and a very slight hint of hoppy bitterness which ends each swig.

One of the best aspects of Winter Warmer is its pairability. There is not one pallet dominating flavor so whatever dish you decide to enjoy with a Winter Warmer you will not go wrong. This weekend I am drinking Winter Warmer grilling some beef tips that have been marinated in a molasses-bourbon sauce. As for Thanksgiving, Winter Warmer is a great choice to go with a traditional turkey dinner. Here’s to family dinners, turkey leftovers, and great beer to go with them!


Beer Stats

Style: Winter Warmer / Spiced Ale

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.9%

Bitterness (IBUs): 23

Color: Deep copper / some red

Beer Review Stats

Beer Advocate: 73 and 50

Rate Beer: 91

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