12 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Whiskey

 reasons to drink whiskey

The new American saying should be “As American as bourbon” rather than apple pie, because lets be honest eating apple pie ain’t got nothing on good Kentucky bourbon. Bourbon has proven to be recession-proof, and has seen a spike in sales the last couple of years thanks in part to the rise of Fireball, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, Wild Turkey, Jim Beam and imports like Jameson, Dewars, Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal and Canadian Club. Now with flavored whiskey being a big hit, there’s no limit to where whiskey can go. [photo: Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty]
So for those still not sure why whiskey is the best thing for them, here’s a list of reasons why…

Whiskey is rarely made cheap, so much goes into making whiskey that there are no short cuts, so more than likely which ever whiskey you drink would be at worst decent quality.

Whiskey comes in so many different forms, Bourbon, Tennessee, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, Japanese, single malt, blends, flavored and more. It is virtually impossible not to find something that works for you.

Whiskey (Non-flavored) per liter bottle has less or equal calories than Rum, Vodka, Tequila, and Gin.

The quality in $25 bottle of bourbon is higher than most $40 bottle of premium Vodkas.

Whiskey is great neat or on the rocks. Unlike vodka, rum, or gin.

For men: Women love whiskey, and in a recent COED.com poll, whiskey was voted the top drink.

For Women: You can never go wrong with ordering a man a whiskey on the rocks.

Classic whiskey cocktails like an Old Fashion, Manhattan, Hot Toddy, Whiskey Sour, or Mint Juleps have great liquor to ingredient ratio.  I can’t count how many times rum and coke or cranberry/pineapple and vodka were more juice than alcohol.

Whiskey grows with you. You can start with Jack Daniels, and then move up to Johnnie Walker, then Chivas Regal, then and a Macallan 18.  Unlike most vodka, gin, tequila and rums, whiskey comes in many different ages similar to wine.  Royal Salute whisky for example has a 62 year old, the possibilities are endless.

Bourbon is the true American drink. Cognac, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Vodka and Pisco are foreign born.

 Mila Kunis loves Jim Beam. Enough said…

Investing in bourbon stock like Diageo, Suntory or Brown-Forman (the makers of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey) might be a great idea. Bourbon is booming!! (Consult your broker before investing).

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