Band Aid 30: Another Christmas, Another 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' Video

Band Aid 30 is the officially gathering of UK pop stars (plus some reality stars and other celebrities) reuniting to once again record “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” for charity. This gathering, of course, revisits the all-star 1984 recording that was a big deal and would lead to Live Aid and a lot of money being sent to Ethiopia to ultimately be swindled away from the people that it was supposed to help. Yes, we can be cynical about this kind of thing.
The US equivalent was “We Are the World,” and that was a pretty painful song, too. This new video for Band Aid 30, however, actually manages to make the original “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” seem pretty edgy. They’ve taken out any of the angry lyrics so everyone can feel even better about buying a Christmas single in the UK. There are also some new lyrics to address this year’s fundraising for combating Ebola in West Africa. The video below debuted on the UK’s X-Factor tonight, and (to be fair) may not be the officially released version.
Anyway, check it out, and sorry that there’s no beauty like today’s sexy birthday girl Vicky Pattison in the video. You get Paloma Faith and Rita Ora, though, along with Bono, One Direction, Robert Plant, Seal, Sinead O’Connor, and some other charitable types under the direction of Sir Bob Geldof and former Ultravox vocalist Midge Ure, who’s never really gotten enough credit for his role in all this Band Aid stuff. Have a listen and maybe get inspired to show your own charitable ways….

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