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November 26, 2013: Rita Ora Turns 23—Here’s A Top 40 Hot Pics


Rita Ora is turning 23 years old today–and if you don’t know this sexy new singer, it’s sure not her fault. She’s been working hard to make Rita Ora an international household name. They sure know Rita back in the UK.Her debut studio album titled Ora debuted at #1 there in 2012, and she also topped the charts with her singles for “R.I.P.” and “How We Do (Party).” That’s “R.I.P.” as in Rita declaring that your old girlfriend is figuratively dead. “How We Do (Party)” is about how she do party. Rita’s kind of a Miley Cyrus type.

Rihanna gets brought up more as a comparison, though. Rita is probably pretty tired of hearing that by now, but it’s still a flattering comparison–in the sense that Rita was born in 1990 in Yugoslavia, in the area now known as Kosovo. That country’s name change came about as a war that got Rita’s family fleeing to the UK when she was an infant. They landed in London, where Rita grew up as a swinging young gal.

Rita was an aspiring singer when she landed on an American Idol-styled show that chose the British candidate for the annual Eurovision Song Contest. (That’s a big deal where all of Europe competes over the best pop song. It’s been going on for decades.) Rita got a lot of attention after she dropped out of the show–officially because she claimed to not feel ready for the honor. It’s more likely that Rita’s management figured she’d already gotten enough exposure to be bigger than the contest.

Jay Z signed her up shortly afterward, and Rita Ora has been a heavily-hyped pop star ever since. Rita hasn’t broken through in America,  but she’s worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg–and these galleries show that she still has a lot of star power. Get to know Rita yourself–and we’ve even thrown in a few pics of Rita with famous friends, including her close pal Cara Delevingne

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