Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey Lands In America [REVIEW]



With the recent boom of whiskey in the US, both men and women have fell in love with brown. Of course American bourbon is the main catalyst, but brown Irish whisky has also become huge among bourbon lovers–and now the Jameson brand has just upgraded to Black Barrel.
Although Black Barrel has been around since 2011, it was only available in New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Washington, D.C. and Massachusetts. Jameson launched Black Barrel nationwide this year, and the whisky stands out as a complex drink that’s smoother than Jameson Original.
Jameson Black Barrel’s taste is darker, and more full-bodied and complex than original Jameson. Black Barrel also has a higher proportion of Irish Pot Still whiskey–which is then blended with a rare small-batch grain whiskey, and distilled on just one day of of each year. Then the distillate goes into some flame-charred oak casks for maturing, with the final product brimming with a sweet fruit taste nicely balanced by the flavor of toasted wood.
That’s the technical end. What you can really expect from your first taste of Black Barrel is a creamy and fruity whiskey with vanilla notes and spices, along with that toasted wood. Like we said, Black Barrel is available pretty much everywhere now–and for only about $35, which is very reasonable for a whisky to take into this weekend.

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