These Air Jordan 1 High OG Will Make You Look Like An 80's Baller

When you think of the best of the best in terms of “performance” street wear, Air Jordans should come to mind. And this past weekend, Jordan Brand re-released one of the most notorious pair of sneakers for the first time since 2008, the retro Air Jordan 1 High OG’s. These were the first shoes Nike ever named after Jordan and they’re still one of the most stylish pair of kicks you can own.
What you’ll notice about these shoes is that they’ve gotten the “OG” treatment, meaning that you’ll see “Nike Air” and not “Jordan” on the insoles and the tongue, plus a retro-styled leather upper. This is a better representation of what the shoes actually looked like back in 1984. For the basketball heads out there, yes, these are the same shoes that the NBA fined Jordan for wearing because they contained “non-regulation” colors.
Speaking of colors, we’re currently in possession of a pair of black and white AJ 1’s, and we have to say that we’re really happy and impressed with the re-release. They’re also affordably priced at $140.
If you can’t afford a huge gold chain, but still want to be able to rock the style and swag of the 80’s we suggest taking a look at these black and white Air Jordan 1 High OG’s.

Shop for the Air Jordan 1 High OG’s here

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