Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Wrote "Go Packers" On Beam For Minnesota Vikings Stadium

The election results are in today, and Scott Walker is still governor of Wisconsin. It might have helped that Governor Walker is the kind of guy who isn’t above some petty fun. The Minnesota Vikings are in the process of building a new stadium with much of the steel going into the project coming from neighboring Wisconsin. In the process of that steel being fabricated, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker decided that it would be a good idea to sign one of the beams with a “Go Packers.” [photo: Scott Olson/Getty]
Then that message was erased because the Vikings don’t want to have a cursed stadium. Governor Walker still assumed that he would get his “Go Packers” signature into their archrival’s new stadium, and even talked about it during a campaign appearance last week. There are certain things, however, that are out of bounds. Even for a governor who’s spending this morning celebrating a pretty solid reelection.
The new stadium will open for the 2016 season. Hopefully when that happens, the Vikings’ fans in attendance will remember Walker’s hijinks and make it a point that Minnesota wins the game against Green Bay. It’s another example of a politician sticking their noses where they shouldn’t. Walker might want to stick to other issues–even if he obviously wasn’t too distracted from getting reelected.

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