Roger Penske Supports Brad Keselowski, Calls Other NASCAR Drivers "Jealous"

There was a lot of publicity over Sunday night’s NASCAR brawl between Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon. On Monday, Roger Penske–as the owner of Keselowski’s driving team–came out in support of Keselowski, adding that “these guys are jealous of the job he’s done this year.” That’s in reference to how other NASCAR drivers are mad at how Keselowski drove to finish the race. [photo: Rusty Jarrett/Getty]
Penske has to come out defending his driver, and there are lots of drivers who probably really are jealous of Keselowski. There are going to be plenty of others who’ll make it their goal on Sunday at Phoenix to make sure thatKeselowski doesn’t earn a spot in the Top Four who’ll compete for the title the following week at Homestead.
Keselowski, though, was driving for championship hopes and saw a chance to improve on that–and it ended up hurting Gordon at the end. Penske also described the resulting event as“unfortunate”. While that’s true, fighting in NASCAR has been there for a very long time. Ratings have been down recently and Penske should probably be a slight bit happy that more fans are now going to tune in on Sunday evening just to see if another fight breaks out on or off the track. Penske said what he had to though for his own driver and now it’s time to see how that goes.

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