Is Lebron Struggling This Season Because of HGH?

Now seems like the perfect time to discuss again whether or not Lebron James stopped taking HGH in the off-season. We brought this topic up for debate in the fall back when he lost a shitton of weight, but King James’ struggles on the court with The Cleveland Cavaliers have sparked enough controversy that redditor /u/bllewe is now also asking the question.
You can view his whole point here (or on /r/NBA which is one of the best subreddits in the world) but here are the two key points he’s making:

“Adam Silver took over as commissioner following David Stern’s 30 year tenure as Commissioner. Stern never led a full-out war on steroid use that we have seen in baseball or athletics over the past few years. It is very possible that he turned a blind eye to steroid usage in the NBA so as to provide a better spectacle, and a steroid scandal would have ruined his image as a Commissioner.”

“Adam Silver’s short tenure has been marked by his strong and impressive responses to potentially image-harming scandals in the NBA. His legacy would only be enhanced if he lead a war on performance enhancing drugs from the early stages of his tenure. What if Silver informed the players of his determination to do this down the line? What if he specifically told LeBron, the league’s marquee player, to make 100% sure he was clean as he was about to become the most tested athlete in sports, so as to avoid a scandal that could potentially eclipse both Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrongs’ respective falls from grace?” [source]

Originally the whole reason that we were talking about Lebron and HGH were A) because he slimmed down considerably and B) everyone loves to speculate on the league’s most prolific player. The problem is that you can’t argue that he’s looked like garbage compared to the Lebron of old.
Some believe that he’s hiding a back injury, others think he’s finally realizing how bad the Cavaliers really are, but until his hair stops pump faking back and forth I don’t think this argument is ever going to go away.
Here’s to hoping it’s just a theory. A-Rod is one thing, Lebron James is something else entirely.

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