Utah State WR–Obviously Not A Mormon–Suspended For Soliciting Prostitute

Student athletes in the state of Utah have the stigma around them of being Mormon, virgins, tee-totalers, whatever–the point is that they’re often seen as goody two shoes. Apparently Utah State WR Hayden Weichers was having none of that because according to FOX 13, the redshirt was caught redhanded soliciting a prostitute.
Similarly, Utah State was having none of that and suspended the freshman from the team indefinitely.

The only reason that we’re doing anything with this story is because this news comes hot after Notre Dame WR Justin Brent was caught courtside with porn star Lisa Ann at a Knicks game. Lisa later released a photo of the two in bed, pretty much sealing the deal that the two had hooked up. Brent had a serious conversation with his head coach Brian Kelly behind closed doors, but that’s it.

So college football players here’s the scoop–hookers bad. Porn stars good. Class dismissed.

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