Steve Perry World Series GIF More Exciting Than World Series


steve-perry world series

Journey singer Steve Perry won the World Series last night–by which we mean that his beloved San Francisco Giants won the World Series, and that’s some revenge for starring in a World Series GIF that should win an Academy Award. First of all, we’re really pissed off at the COED staffers who don’t know that Journey is a legendary San Francisco act. They may not be the coolest band out of San Francisco, but even the punk rockers there get misty-eyed when they hear Steve Perry singing about their city by the bay. That also explains why Steve Perry thought there was an area known as South Detroit in “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Anyway, Steve Perry is kind of reclusive nowadays, but he’s beginning to reemerge–like the recent shows he’s been doing with The Eels. Also, Steve Perry cared enough to go to a World Series game in Kansas, where some Royals fans decided to make things very personal. Take a look at this perfect pan (in all senses of the word) and enjoy the most memorable thing about the 2014 World Series…

steve-perry world series

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