"22 Jump Street" Back In Theaters, See The Closing Credits Here [PICS]

22 Jump Street is still the official #1 comedy of 2014–and the executives at Columbia/MGM see an opening to get you back into theaters before Horrible Bosses 2 and Dumb and Dumber To open in November. They’re putting 22 Jump Street back into the multiplexes this weekend in what’s kind of a surprise booking. The official announcement doesn’t say how many theaters are getting the movie, but we’re expecting a lot of multiplexes will be anxious to fill up the screens that were going to be taken up by Dracula Untold as a token Halloween movie.
Also, we’re thinking that Columbia/MGM is figuring that a lot of moviegoers missed out on the closing credits of 22 Jump Street–where, instead of an additional scene, we got a sneak peek of the future of the Jump Street franchise. A lot of people will tell you that was the best part of the movie. We hate to think of anybody spending money just for that, though. Especially with 22 Jump Street coming up on a digital release on October 28, and then on Blu-ray and DVD on November 18.
So you can check out all the closing credit action in the gallery below. We still recommend seeing 22 Jump Street in the theater. Especially if you have a friend who’d dress up with you, and then you can go as Jenko & Schmidt on Halloween night. We can help you out with that, too. Pretty much every guy on the COED staff gets mistaken for Channing Tatum all the time…

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