Not All Cops Are Dicks! [22 PHOTOS]


It doesn’t take a genius to know that American police are under a lot of scrutiny right now. We’re certainly not saying this negative attention is undeserved–Ferguson is just the most recent example of inappropriate force–but the fact of the matter is that not every cop is a dick.

There are plenty of policemen on the force who are looking out for civilians’ best interests and safety, not sweating the small the small stuff. These cool cops are the ones playing beer pong with ASU students waiting on tickets for the big game, holding beer bongs for tailgaters, getting twerked on by parade dancers, etc… Pretty much everything you’d like your local police force to be like.

We’re sure that we missed a few cool cops in the gallery below, so if you’ve got any Snapchats or photos you think are worthy of being included, tweet them at us with the hashtag #coolcops and we’ll add them.

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