Watch As US Marine Survives Sniper Headshot, Courtesy of Kevlar Helmet [VIDEO]

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Today’s reinforcement that life could be much, much worse comes to you via a video wherein a US Marine is shot in the head, but survives because of his kevlar helmet. It’s a crazy thing to watch in realtime.

One second, everything looks normal. The next, you hear a ding. That ding was the difference of a couple of inches between life and death. Watch for yourself.


This video popped up on Reddit this morning and amazingly the Marine’s brother came online to clear up a few things:

Okay, so I’ve got my brother’s permission to say some stuff. First off, his name’s not Martinez, and this video should not have been leaked, but it’s too late for that. This video was taken last year: he had a severe concussion, but he’s since returned to the States. Also, he didn’t remove his helmet until he was in a place he knew was secure, he described the sensation as having a firework go off in his head.

Source: the Marine in the video is my brother.

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