Kobe Bryant Thinks Players Are Paid Too Much — Owners, Too

[photo: Harry How/Getty]

[photo: Harry How/Getty]

The new television deal for the NBA is going to bring a ton of money into the league and after the original deal was announced, Kobe Bryant came out on Twitter saying that “players are encouraged per new CBA to take less to win or risk being called selfish.” It looked like this…

Kobe Bryant Twitter

And then he had to clarify things, because Twitter doesn’t really let you go into detail.

More speficially, Bryant’s added that “it’s very easy to look at elite players and talk about the amount of money they get paid but we don’t look at what owners get paid and how much revenue they generate off the backs of these players.”

That’s definitely a piece of the puzzle that a lot of people miss, and need to be looking at just as closely. The owners are making tons of money off players like Bryant in ticket sales and merchandise bought at the arenas. It’s not like the owners are going poor because of the superstars. Bryant has brought attention to something that many don’t want to admit to and that is the owners are perfectly happy paying high salaries as long as their pockets are lined with money too.

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