Bo Jackson Thinks Jameis Winston is Ignoring Him

[photo: Brian Kersey/Getty]

[photo: Brian Kersey/Getty]

Bo Jackson and Jameis Winston have plenty in common. They were born in the same Alabama town, both have won the Heisman Trophy, and both have been great in two different sports. Jackson however has been trying to give Winston some advice as his college career continues–and Jackson has noticed that Winston isn’t listening.

Jackson said on The Jim Rome Show Tuesday that he “really don’t know who is giving this young man guidance.” There have been a ton of off-field issues with Winston over the past two years, and Jackson knows that Winston is going to have to change his ways to continue to succeed.

If there is one athlete who knows about having their star shine brightly and then fading quickly, it is Jackson who saw his promising career ended by a hip injury playing for the Los Angeles Raiders. There will be a point in time where Winston wishes he would have listened to Jackson because Bo knows what he is talking about. However, it may be too late before that happens.

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