New "Interstellar" Trailer Still Has Us Really Confused [VIDEO]

We know that we’ve complained about “teaser” trailers that really go on forever and give away most of the movie, but this is the fourth Interstellar trailer, and we’re still just barely beginning to make out the plot. Matthew McConaughey seems to be a retired astronaut living on a farm in a dystopian future where there aren’t hunger games or divergent teens, but people seem to leave missiles on the ground.
Then it looks like McConaughey has to lead a team of astronauts looking to find a New Earth–which is classic sci-fi–and the astronauts are accompanied by walking metal sticks who better be doing something really interesting. Also, the astronauts find a planet thatĀ seems to be populated by the static tidal waves from James Cameron’s director’s cut of The Abyss. Furthermore, don’t go to iMDB for the SPOILER credits that reveal the time-travel element. Damnit.
Anyway, Interstellar still looks pretty cool, and you can be sure that we’ll be catching it in IMAX, because this thing has a lot more epic shots than plot points…

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