NBA Asks Alba Berlin Cheerleaders To Tone Down Their Sexy Dance Routines [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

The San Antonio Spurs will take on Alba Berlin (a German basketball team) this Wednesday in a preseason exhibition game, but not before the Alba Dancers tone it down. According to Berlin newspaper BZ Berlin, The Alba Dancers have been asked by the NBA to remove three of the four songs they regularly dance to because the subject matter is too sexy.

The songs in question are T-Pain’s “Shirt Off” and “Sex, Love, and Rock and Roll,” plus the single “Sexy Back,” back Justin Timberlake.


Personally, we don’t understand why the NBA is being such a spoilsport (the story in the BZ Berlin opens with the text “[Those] prudish Yanks!) but the silver lining is that we were introduced to the lovely Alba Dancers.

We’ve pulled their photos along with a few awesome routines you should check out. I couldn’t be happier that the NBA preseason is here.


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