MTV Tries Going Rural Again With "Slednecks" [VIDEO]

Here’s the latest attempt by MTV to make up for The Jersey Shore by following a bunch of teens who are stuck out in the sticks–with Slednecks following the wild life of some Alaskan roughnecks. The female ones don’t look too rough, either. We’re feeling pretty good about Slednecks, too.
We also really liked Buckwild. Remember that one? It was really fun as MTV’s celebration of West Virginia hillbillies who can’t access the internet and run around creating their own fun. That’s as opposed to creating their own drama. Slednecks sure looks like the same thing–and, hopefully, Slednecks won’t end abruptly like Buckwild¬†with the death of a cast member. Take a look for yourself, and get reminded that the VMA Awards are the annual¬†celebration that MTV doesn’t show music videos…

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