New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith Drops F-Bomb On Fan [VIDEO]

It wasn’t exactly the best of days on Sunday for the New York Jets as they lost 24-17 at home to the Detroit Lions. The day hit its low point when quarterback Geno Smith didn’t appreciate what was being said by one fan and told the fan “F*** you!” It is probably not a response that the team would have liked to see out of their starting quarterback. [Photo: Ron Antonelli/Getty]

It was the third straight loss for the Jets and there are many who want to see Michael Vick take over at quarterback. Smith however is going to need to learn that he can’t just go off at a fan for saying something that he doesn’t like. That is going to lead to a big suspension and probably a seat on the bench sooner than later.

It would appear that Jets coach Rex Ryan has no intention of benching Smith though. If he can’t keep his cool off the field though, how can it be expected that he keeps his cool on the field? This is hopefully a learning experience and Smith won’t allow something like that to happen again. The results may not work out in his favor–especially since the local CBS outlet in NYC was able to capture the moment…


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