New Bud Light #UpForWhatever Ad Has Buccaneering Warren Sapp [VIDEO]

Warren Sapp Bud Light Whatever Pirate Commercial

The mythical town of Whatever, USA has come and gone–but that doesn’t mean Bud Light isn’t still #UpForWhatever. This latest commercial does a good job of bringing Whatever, USA to ordinary people, too. In this case, we meet a real-life Seattle Buccaneers fan who learns that you better be #UpForWhatever when you’re holding a Bud Light.

Yeah, this Seattle Buccaneers fan gets a big shock when legendary player Warren Sapp shows up for a very personal appearance. This guy’s suburban home even gets a man-cave makeover with a Buccaneers theme–and we all know that a buccaneer is a pirate, and pirates are fun, and we’re not going to make fun of Warren Sapp if he wants to be a pirate. He’s already in the NFL Hall of Fame as a Buccaneer.

Anyway, check out the action and feel really envious for this very lucky fan. Be sure to check out the guy’s shocked look when Warren busts into his home. It’s downright magical…


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