Laser Cat Kid Settles High School Annual War, Recruits Principal [PIC]

We’re hoping that high school student Draven Rodriguez is planning to go into Marketing, because he sure managed to create some major media hype over his senior picture in the high-school yearbook. To be fair, the authority figures at Schenectady High School didn’t officially ban Draven’s awesome laser-enhanced pic of himself and a cat. They just didn’t want it to be the official senior picture. They didn’t even care that Draven was posing with a Maine Coon. [photos: Vincent Giordano/Trinacria Photo]
Draven took his plight to the media, and the controversy has been handled pretty well–in the sense that the Schenectady High School administration decided to join the unbeatable Mr. Rodriguez. That’s why we now get some new work from original photographer Vincent Giordano, with Draven posing with Schenectady High principal Diane Wilkerson.
As it turns out, Draven and his principal both had rescue pets–meaning Draven’s Main Coon (who, it turns out, is named Mr. Bigglesworth), and Principal Wilkerson’s own Vivian the Dog. The student and principal have resolved their differences, and this amazing new photo is also being used to work with the ASPCA. (The local reportage is right here.)
Draven still didn’t get to pose with Mr. Bigglesworth as his official senior picture, though. We think the kid is pretty happy with just becoming a national hero. T-shirts have been printed, so that’s pretty much a big win for everybody–including Vincent Giordano, who is now America’s leading photographer in depicting pets and lasers together. Check out the latest pic, and admire how they can work things out over in Schenectady…

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