35 WTF Scenes from the State Fair [PHOTOS]

35 WTF Scenes from the State Fair

There’s a reason that plenty of horror movies are set in State Fairs. Plenty of them are packed full of disturbing imagery. That’s why we always end up rehashing the same old joke about the redundancy of having a freak show at those things. It turns out that some State Fairs are weirder than others, though. You’re about to line up (if you dare) for lots of weird pics that go beyond the usual State Fair creepiness.

In fact, we’re thinking a few of these pics are featuring folks who were kicked out of Walmart for looking too strange.  We’re talking about bizarre pics of people who would ruin people-watching because you’d feel bad for just staring. That’s the beauty of the internet, though. These startling State Fair moments can be browsed in the safety of your own home, or on the bus, or wherever you are right now.

If you’re at a State Fair, though, then you better put down your mobile device and pay attention. There’s no telling what you’re missing…

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