10 Twitter Posts That Think Derek Jeter’s Walk-Off Single Was A Hoax

We thought it was cynical when people (not us) suggested that Derek Jeter should just fake an injury after a big finish to his final game at Yankee Stadium last night. The retiring New York Yankee went to his final at-bat in a home game, and the score was tied with bases loaded. He let out a mighty hit that got Antoan Richardson able to hit the home plate from third base. The game was won, and Jeter was freed to stroll over to first base while the crowd went wild.  [photo by Elsa/Getty]

Heck, even Jeter celebrated, which was kind of unusual. But do you know who wasn’t celebrating? Baseball fans who watched all of the game’s final moments, and decided that there were way too many machinations to get Jeter to his winning hit. We agree that the moment seemed a little too perfect, but isn’t that the beauty of baseball?

As it turns out, there’s also some beauty to indulging in conspiracy theories. Check out ten Tweets from last night’s more skeptical fans–and mourn the inner child of these poor souls. We still believe enough to get teary-eyed over Gatorade ads

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