Coca-Cola's Promotion With Michigan Went Really Wrong

It seemed too good to be true. There was a little bit of time on Monday where Michigan fans could get two tickets to Saturday’s game against Minnesota by buying two bottles of Coca-Cola. The tickets retail at $150 while the Coke comes out to about $3–so, yeah, Michigan pulled the promotion after learning about it… [photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty]

To recap: Coca-Cola had bought a block of tickets wanting to use them for a student promotion. However, the two sides had some miscommunication and Coca-Cola thought they could go ahead with their plan while Michigan didn’t fully approve it. The tickets that were sold through the promotion on Monday will be honored at Saturday’s game though.
One can only imagine if the whole stadium was full of fans who bought the Coca-Cola tickets. With a stadium that can hold over 100,000 people, the financial loss to the school would have been in the millions of dollars. Hopefully next time, both sides know what the plan is before it begins or something like this is going to happen again.

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