Sorority Tumblr Battle #1: Florida vs. Alabama [PHOTOS]

“Sorority Tumblr Battles” is a new weekly feature where we take a big college football matchup and move the fight from the field to the internet. For the inaugural edition, we’ve chosen to pit the University of Florida against the University of Alabama. Gators vs. Crimson Tide.

In one corner, you’ve got the famous University of Florida. What the Gators currently lack in on-field talent, they make up for off-the-field. In the other corner, you’ve got the University of Alabama who do both football and sororities very well.

It’s an SEC matchup of epic proportions, and we’re excited to see which school you guys favor. Make sure to check out the photos below, then show your support in the poll at the bottom.

University of Florida

University of Alabama

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