Indian Man Breaks the World Pinky Finger Pull-Up Record [VIDEO]

pinky pull-ups

If you’re trying to get in shape, one of the worst things you can do is watch someone who is way more fit and healthier than you doing their workout. That’s what makes the gym such a horrible place to be. It’s like being surrounded by your own failure. If you’re one of those people who’s trying to get stronger or watch your weight, you might not want to watch this impressive feat of fitness of a man breaking the world record for pinky pull-ups.

The Guinness World Records confirmed that Maibam Itomba Meitei owns the world record for doing the most consecutive┬ápinky pull-ups. If that sounds like it would take a hell of a lot of work to complete, you’re right. Meitei has been in physical training for 14 years to learn how to just do one pinky pull-up. Then came the big day of his world record attempt.

The Guinness people set up some perimeters for his attempt, too. He had just 30 seconds to do as many pinky pull-ups as possible and for a pull-up to count, he would have to pull his chin over the bar from a complete dead hang. By the time his attempt was done, he completed 16 consecutive pull-ups using nothing but his pinky fingers. You can check out the entire world record attempt below in the embedded video…

That looks friggin’ painful. We’re more than impressed but we’d much rather try and go for the world donut eating record or the beer tasting record or whatever record involves sitting on your ass and watching TV. We’ve been training for those records for all of our lives.

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