Whatever, USA Was The Craziest Party In The History of Planet Earth [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Welcome to Whatever, USA-2

Last weekend, the biggest party in the entire world was in Whatever, USA–a real town that Bud Light built in Crested Butte, CO. Whatever, USA was filled with 1,000 people who had declared they were “Up For Whatever,” an unlimited supply of free Bud Lights, and some of the most entertaining personalities on the planet. We were one of the lucky few media outlets who were invited to the town, so we spent most of the time hanging out with the crowd and making some great (if not interesting) friends.

There’s really no way to describe it without using a whole lot of superlatives, so maybe it’s best if you see and hear a small sample of what happened in the craziest town in US history. Here’s the official recap video from Bud Light:

Nuts right? From the time that we arrived on Friday to the time that they had to send us back to reality on Monday, the good times never stopped. Ever. Was it exhausting? Absolutely, but when you’re at an event like Whatever, USA you put on your game face and continue partying.

Personally speaking, our biggest highlights included meeting Vanilla Ice (weird, but awesome), the incredible Alesso performance + LED light show, and getting behind the wheels of a drag queen Drag Race.

Yes, the atmosphere was about as awesome as your wildest dreams and yes, we wish you could have been there with us–the good news is that there’s always next year. But before we go thinking about the future, let’s show you some of what we did and who we saw.

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