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We’ve Finally Got Awesome Updates On Whatever, USA


Whatever Lead

After months of speculation and rumors, we’ve finally got some incredible new updates on Whatever, USA–the real town that Bud Light will be building. You should know, though that you’ve only got until September 31st to enter.

On the weekend of September 5th-7th, those of you who prove that you’re “#UpforWhatever” will be doing some really unique stuff, including:

• Attending an EDM show where everyone will be provided with an LED jacket that will light the event. This has never been done before and probably won’t be done afterwards.

• “Hype Hop Karaoke” aka rap karaoke where Lil Jon hops onstage with you and acts as your hype man.

• Main Street Drag racing where you’ll test your driving skills against drag queens.

We’ve also heard rumors that there’ll be a massive game of Twister, among other things, so expect more information on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And best of all, IT’S ALL FREE! YEAHHHH!

So let’s recap, shall we? Free travel. Free Bud Light. Free awesome entertainment. Free board. And all you have to do is audition for the spot to be one of 1,000 people who’s demonstrated that you’re “Up for Whatever.” Remember, you’ve only got until September 31st!


And if you’re not trying to go to an awesome place and have the time of your life for a weekend, you can also follow Bud Light on Twitter for a chance to win special items Made in Whatever, USA.

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