New Documentary Salutes Gaming’s Greatest Musicians [VIDEO]


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The video game world is full of tunes that you’ve heard most of your life and yet the people who wrote and recorded them have never been given the proper credit until now. A new documentary series from the Red Bull Music Academy called Diggin’ in the Carts will chronicle the history of Japanese video game music and the people who wrote the tunes that are still running through your head.

The six-part Red Bull documentary series will travel all the way back to the infancy of the video game industry and feature interviews with composers like Hirokazu Tanaka who composed themes for games like Tetris and Metroid and Yuzo Koshiro who wrote the entire soundtrack for the Sega Genesis classic Streets of Rage. The documentary series will also feature interviews with musicians who have been inspired by such iconic music including Flying Lotus, Dizzee Rascal, Just Blazke, Fatima Al Qadiri, Ikonika and many, many others.

The Red Bull Music Academy released a trailer announcing their new documentary series, which you can watch below in the embedded video…

It’s about time someone gave some credit to the makers of these classic video game tunes. They are more than just filler for an 8-bit video game. They are anthems to some of the greatest adventures we’ll ever have in our lifetime unless there’s a sudden real world outbreak of ghosts, zombies or Goombas. We’ve played so many of them so many times growing up that they are practically soundtracks to our entire childhood.

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