Florida Won’t Reschedule Game Against Idaho Even With Common Off Week

Last Saturday night saw an odd incident when Florida and Idaho were scheduled to play in Gainesville. Severe weather began along with the first play, and the game was finally suspended. With both teams having an open date on Oct. 25, it was expected the game would be replayed then. Instead the schools agreed on Wednesday to call it a no-contest and not reschedule. [photo: Rob Foldy/Getty]

Florida will still pay Idaho its guaranteed $950,000 for making the trip and has agreed to play a game during the 2017 season. The problem here is the fact that the game wasn’t rescheduled for Oct. 25 when both teams were off. There was talk about how it would be better for the players not to have ten straight weeks of games.

That might rank up there with biggest excuses ever. What happens if Florida runs the table and finishes 11-0 but doesn’t make the playoff because of that 12th game? It may be unlikely but it is possible. It is really bad that the athletic directors didn’t make the right decision on this and played the game on Oct. 25. It may come back to bite someone in the end.

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