Texas A&M Quarterback Kenny Hill Wants Nickname "Kenny Trill"

After Kenny Hill’s dynamic debut for Texas A&M last Thursday night, everyone wanted to come up with a Johnny Football-like nickname for Hill. Some had suggested Kenny Football, but Hill said that he prefers the nickname “Kenny Trill.” That seems an odd one to choose–but maybe copyright law is involved.
Anyway, it seems that there will also be a major difference between Hill and Johnny Manziel’s time with the Aggies. Hill won’t be taking pictures with fans. That’s because coach Kevin Sumlin told Hill not to do it because, “Johnny got in so much trouble over pictures.” That’s the correct thing to do on Sumlin’s part–especially since it was just one game that has evaluated Hill to superstar status.
“Trill,” incidentally, is a hybrid of “true” and “real” in rap culture, and has been used by Texas rapper Bun B in the past. In fact, Bun B has chimed in to say that “one game doesn’t make you trill.” We’re not sure if the new nickname will stick, or if Hill will need to come up with something different later on–but for now, it will be Kenny Trill leading the Aggies.

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