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WWE Monday Night Raw Invites Michael Sam To Show


Michael Sam

The story of Michael Sam is pretty well-known–but now that the NFL’s first openly-gay rookie has been waived by the St. Louis Rams, Sam needs something to do while he looks for another job. Well, he already has one very interesting job offer, with the WWE inviting him to come visit Baltimore for this week’s shooting of WWE Raw. The invitation was even made official with a WWE Twitter…  [photo: Ed Zurga/Getty]

So it appears that the WWE wants to keep Sam in the public eye. Now everyone’s wondering how this is going to fit into the sports entertainment scene. Are the wrestlers going to use some sort of jokes, or rip on Sam for being the first openly gay professional athlete? This seems like a counterproductive plan for Sam. He should be looking for a new job in the NFL instead of going out to the wrestling squared circle. There have been tons of sports stars that have been on Raw in the past, but this may be a time when Sam should just continue his football career and concentrate on finding a practice squad.


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