Official: The Rock Will Play Black Adam In "Shazam" On Big Screen

After leaving a ton of not-so-subtle hints for comic book and movie fans, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson finally confirmed that he’ll be playing Black Adam in an upcoming movie for the hero Shazam and possibly for the Justice League movie.
Variety reported that New Line Cinema wants to cast The Rock as Shazam’s arch-nemesis in a standalone movie for Shazam aka Captain Marvel. Screenwriters are in the midst of assembling a script right now with shooting expected to start soon. Johnson also confirmed the news on his Twitter account announcing that it is “My honor to become” the caped villain in the upcoming movie.
The Rock seemed to be on some kind of “Tease the World” tour with all the hints he dropped about the character he would be playing in one of the upcoming DC Comics’ movie. The biggest one he left was in an interview with Total Film in which he basically made it sound like he was prepping to play Shazam on the big screen in either a standalone movie or as part of the Justice League epic that’s currently in the works. He could have picked up either part since both the hero and the villain looks somewhat similar in the face but we’re glad The Rock is actually playing a villain or at least a mild anti-hero again as the vicious Black Adam.
Every wrestling fan knows the fierce, anti-hero vibe he gives off in the ring and it actually translates well in movies when he’s got the right role with a strong script to back up his presence.

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