Is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Going to Play Shazam? [VIDEO]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hinted in an interview that he might be in line to play Shazam presumably as part of the upcoming Justice League movie and in his own standalone film.
Johnson sat down with Total Film to promote his upcoming movie Hercules directed by Brett Ratner when the interviewer cleverly phrased a question to get him to reveal if he’s going to play a DC superhero in an upcoming movie. The Rock may look like a cartoon sometimes, but he’s pretty quick and complemented the interviewer on the smart phrasing of his question. He proceeded to confirm that he has been in contact with the studios and DC Comics about his casting for a possible role in a certain superhero movie and he denied that Green Lantern was even on the table at this point.
However, he seemed to hint pretty heavily that his role might consist of someone with a “super” ability comparable to that of Superman. That description points to one superhero: Shazam–who your grandfather might remember as “Captain Marvel” before lawyers got involved.
Johnson never gives an official confirmation, but he said an announcement is coming in a couple of days. You know what else is coming up in a couple of days? The San Diego Comic Con, where lots of big announcements get made about comic book movies. Now check out the interview below and see if we’re crazy…
“Say the word,” says Johnson, and that’s how 12-year-old Billy Batson becomes Shazam. He says, “Shazam!”
And we’ve got more than just rampant speculation about The Rock’s words. A film production scheduling website revealed that a Shazam movie is in development and set to start shooting very soon. We’ll probably find out for sure in a couple of days but the chances are looking good that The Rock will be the god-power wielding hero formerly known as Captain Marvel. Unless he’s playing the bad guy known as Black Adam, but that’s a whole other story…

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