Here's the Boozy Bacon Milkshake That You Never Knew You Always Wanted

We know this might sound like an advertoiral, but we’re really just sick of how crazy the world gets this time of year whenever different companies dare to release a pumpkin-flavored latte that’s really just a regular latte with a big handful of nutmeg tossed into it. Red Robin decided not to just throw another pumpkin infused drink at our heads. Instead, they gave us the dairy based treat we didn’t know we wanted: a milkshake made with bourbon and bacon.
Red Robin announced their newest concoction in a press release called the “Beam-N-Bacon Boozy Shake”–and it’s exactly what its name implies. It’s a tall, ice cold milkshake blended with caramel, vanilla ice cream and a generous portion of Jim Beam Maple Bourbon. Then they cover the top of it with crumbled pieces of bacon and garnish it with a strip of candied bacon.
The press release doesn’t list the nutritional stats on such a fat-inducing idea. but we’re sure that the calories alone reach into the thousands in order to ensure supreme deliciousness. Just looking at the thing makes us able to hear our own heartbeat in our heads without having to cover our ears.
This monster milkshake looks like the unhealthiest and therefore most delicious dessert in America. We love bacon just as much as the next guy but we’ve never loved it enough to actually consider using it as a garnish in any adult beverage let alone one that comes with caramel, milk and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Still, we’re just happy that it’s not another pumpkin spiced something that we’ll read about on our Facebook feeds for the rest of October and into November.

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