Houston Highway Covered with Spilled Beer in Tragic Accident

If you’re a fan of cheap beer and drinking loads of it, you might want to just stop reading right now because this story may be upsetting for you. A truck carrying tons of the stuff overturned on a highway of Houston and spilled its load all over the roadway.
KHOU.com reported that the beer truck overturned around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday while traveling down the Katy Freeway in Houston, Texas near the Wirt Road exit. The overturned 18-wheeler jackknifed on the highway after it collided with another vehicle causing its trailer to turn over and spill out its precious cargo all across the highway. Reports said that the 18-wheeler dropped “dozens of cases of beer all over the freeway’s mainlanes.”
Emergency and clean-up crews responded and it took them more than five hours to clean up what appeared to be a cargo load full of Busch Beer. The driver of the 18-wheeler required medical treatment and was taken to a nearby hospital by responding paramedics. Reports say that he’s currently listed in serious condition.
Police have not released any further details about what caused the accident or who may be responsible for cluttering an entire highway with sweet, delicious beer. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t lead to some kind of local shortage. If there are any keg or beer parties that have to go understocked as a result of this accident, then the street clean-up crews are going to have to clean up a whole lot of something that will make them wish it was canned beer.

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